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Leave me an anonymous comment telling me anything. Tell me your memories, your problems; tell me what did you eat for lunch, what did you want to eat. Ask me for advice about love, relationships, the laws of universe, breeding platypuses, anything. Tell me what do you have hidden inside your heart, what are you afraid of, what do you want to be. Show me your true soul. Don't be afraid to pour your heart out.

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In the end I couldn't get over it

Friends Cut

Since no one cut me I'll do this by myself. I'm sorry. Although I wasn't the one who posted those things at the meme, I kinda agree with some of them and I can't keep it up or deal with it anymore. I just feel really left out and excluded overall and I know nothing can solve it not even if I talk to the people. They'll either deny it either just not change. People tell other people to remove them if they have a problem and can't get over it. If I didn't cut you but you want to cut me go ahead I don't mind.

Please remove me from Plurk as well or if you're too lazy to do so I'll do it lmao. Altough I might be lazier than you I'M SORRY.

It's been good but it just didn't work. This was my first F-cut too..I hope I won't need to do another so soon. Comments are screened so say whatever you want.

in b4 i missed details in this post